Custom Silicone Periodic Symbol Custom Silicone R & D, Consulting and Analytical Services 210 Arrow Cove Court • Midland, MI 48642 •989-496-1434• Custom Silicone The Origin of QuadSil…. In the year 2003, four former employees from Dow Corning Corporation gathered at Sanibel Island in Florida. They had found retirement somewhat less than challenging.  Each of these individuals was highly skilled in the practice and commercialization of products based on silicone chemistries and technology.  After a passionate discussion about what could still be done in advancing silicone chemistries and products, the four cohorts, while sitting on a wobbly picnic table in view of the ocean, decided it was time to form a small R & D facility dedicated to the business of generating product prototypes and Intellectual Property for licensure. The name of the company, they decided, would be Quad; representing the four founders, and Sil; representing the material market focus.  The combined name QuadSil was born. The founding four also expressed another passion on that hot and muggy Florida day, in 2003.  Everyone had a strong personal desire to help those among us who are less fortunate and who live in constant need of food, shelter, and clothing.  As we continue to strive to make our business a success, we continue to honor our commitment to the less fortunate in our community through a number of food and clothing disbursement programs, sponsored by QuadSil.  Additionally one of the founding four, John Blizzard, is deeply engaged in ACS sponsored science-teaching programs designed for students in grades K-12. Listed below are the Original Four Founders, called "The Quad": John Blizzard Robert McKellar Ned Gvozdic Terence Swihart QuadSil has expanded since 2003 to include the purchase and construction of a water testing analytical lab directed at analyzing drinking water and industrial process waters.  We have also expanded our partner base to include personnel who share our passion for the silicone industry and our commitment to being responsible members of our community.  A little about who we are.... John Blizzard retired from Dow Corning after 35 years of service.  He holds a BS in Chemistry from Kennedy Western University.  John is the R & D Director of Laboratory Analyst for QuadSil.  He also serves as Vice President of R & D on the QuadSil Board of Directors. Sean Blizzard currently is employed by the Dow Chemical Company with 15 years of service, and works in the Dowpharma area in the Nucleic Acid Medicines production facility.  He has received his Bachelors degree in General Engineering from Kennedy Western University.  He also serves as the Recording Secretary for QuadSil and as Director of Quality Assurance for QuadSil and its subsidiaries. Cindy Ellis retired from The Dow Chemical Company after 27 years of service.  She has an Associates degree in Business Administration.  During her career at Dow she worked as an Administrative Assistant in IT/Telecommunications, Accounting/Accounts Payable and Purchasing/Travel and Fleet.  She currently holds the position of Office Manager at Raven Analytical Laboratory-Roscommon. Scott Jackson holds a BS in Biology with Chemistry minor from Lake Superior State University.  Scott is the assistant lab manager at our Roscommon Facilities.  He has lab and data handling experience and has written a thesis on multiple paternity using DNA miro satellites. Tracie Lindsay holds an Associate degree in Business Administration. She worked in the banking industry for 6 years.  She is attending Davenport University and plans to have her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Information Management in 2011. She currently holds the position of Office Assistant for QuadSil. Deloris McKellar retired from the Dow Chemical Company with over 20 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant to the External Communications Manager in Public Affairs.  She also worked in Accounting, Purchasing and as the receptionist at 47 Building Administration Center.  She worked at Dow Corning for 4 years as a project worker in the R & D function.  Served as Township Treasurer for Midland Township for 10 years and was appointed to the Midland County Building Authority Board for the construction of the Midland County Building.  She has been Office Manager for a law firm.  Also serves as Chief Financial Officer on the QuadSil Board of Directors. Robert McKellar retired from Dow Corning after 39 years of service.  He holds a BS in Biology and Chemistry from Alma College.  He graduated from Detroit School of Law and is a registered patent attorney.  Robert presides over the intellectual property law firm, McKellar IP Law, located in Midland, Michigan.  He serves as President on the QuadSil Board. Terence Swihart (TJ) retired from Dow Corning after 39 years of service.  He holds a BS in both Chemistry and Math from Central Michigan University.  He also holds a Mater’s Degree in Chemistry from Michigan State University and executive management from University of South Carolina.