Custom Silicone Periodic Symbol Custom Silicone Custom Silicone That Is Designed To Meet Today’s Challenges With Tomorrow’s Science R & D, Consulting and Analytical Services 210 Arrow Cove Court • Midland, MI 48642 •989-496-1434• QuadSil is a U.S. based silicone and silane research, development and consultancy expertise center dedicated to servicing its customers through the rapid transfer of current Silicone based information services and protectable product prototype development.  Thus, we are meeting critical information and product commercialization requirements established for our clients. At QuadSil, our primary goal is to serve our clients' information and product development needs.  This is accomplished by focusing on critical success factors and required competencies in a time driven environment guided by specific targets and milestones.  QuadSil's goal is to ensure the rapid development of information needs and/or the generation of commercializable prototypes. QuadSil, inc.'s material technology expertise encompasses silane, silicones, and silicone-organics for use in addressing customer needs and gaps in defined product markets and for focused overviews of product and technology options. QuadSil provides a wide range of services designed to assist our clients with understanding and developing…. Opportunities Chemical and engineering processes Performance requirements Technology options Full production manufacturing Product design Prototype development Formulary technology Scale-up and pre-manufacturing We carefully select clients and projects which are synergistic with QuadSil's capabilities and consultancy base. Since QuadSil provides services and resources over a broad product market base, we are in a unique position to provide connections between corporations and organizations.  QuadSil can visualize opportunities of potential commercial value to both parties.  Custom Silicone Advancing silicone chemistries and products with R & D dedicated to the business of generating product prototypes. At QuadSil our main business operations are contract R & D, product prototyping, scale-up manufacturing and consultancy operations.  We are dedicated to the advancement of Silicon based science and technology. Custom Silicone